If you want to be friends with me you don’t have to be “Hi, um, can, ya know, we be friends?”

It is 1000000000000000000000% percent ok if you just go into my inbox can go. “Man, I am so fucking pissed off at fucking Larry.” And I’ll most likely respond with, “Oh shit! What did Larry do now?” 

David [Bowie] quietly tells me, ‘You know, I’ve had so much sex and drugs that I can’t believe I’m still alive,’ and I loudly tell him, ‘You know, I’ve had SO LITTLE sex and drugs that I can’t believe I’m still alive.
Morrissey, Autobiography  (via leftbehindandsour)


Duckface of the Gods


“knock knock”

“who’s there”


“the who?”


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Anonymous asked:
Are you straight ? Idk if you already answered this sorry :/ Btw love your blog and your super pretty :3


Nah, I’m hotsexual. If you’re hot I wanna be sexual.

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the true reaction

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